Once a waste by-product, now capable of contributing to a cleaner environment

About AdTech Environmental

For over three decades AdTech has been treating (and often recycling) liquid wastes from the aviation industry (aircraft paint shops, AFFF, airfield operations, etc.) as well as oil refineries, wool scouring plants, abattoirs, electroplating, chemical manufacturing and textile dyeing operations, sewage treatment plants and many more pollution sources.

Beyond these applications, we have also developed a means of quickly, effectively and economically converting polluted streams to safe drinking water – a technological advance with enormous humanitarian implications.

Finally, AdTech has also devised a technology that makes activated sludge treatment processes both more efficient and more cost effective.

Our recent focus has been on the aviation industry, which has experienced a period of unprecedented growth in Australia since 2000. Almost 30% of Australia's aviation firms are now located in Queensland where AdTech has a strong ongoing presence, particularly on Queensland’s military air bases (see case studies).

Our People

AdTech was initially a family company founded by Australian engineer Boyd Keogh. He developed the unique filtration and adsorption technologies now used across a wide range of commercial and industrial applications. AdTech currently has teams of qualified technicians based in Sydney, northern NSW and South-East Queensland and a sister company in California, USA.

At Head Office in Sydney, Greg Keogh is the company’s Technical Director. Mark Weston is our Operations Manager, David Keogh, Anna Cosio and Dan Day our marketing team.


The inability to provide safe water and adequate sanitation services to all people has been humanity’s greatest social failure of the last 100 years. Incredibly, half the people on Earth today lack access to the quality of water available to the citizens of ancient Rome more than 2,000 years ago! It is AdTech’s overall goal to help redress this failure.

Every stream of wastewater is unique and deserves a distinctive treatment process. While specialising in the aviation industry, AdTech’s Mission is to provide tailored solutions for all manner of industrial wastewater problems, treating contaminated water to re-use quality, thus protecting this most vital resource.

Our unique technologies have proven effective all over the world… in Australia, the U.S., South Africa, Switzerland, France, Germany, Sri Lanka and Thailand.

AdTech believes in providing cost effective solutions for our clients’ wastewater problems. This may mean using only our own proprietary technologies or if necessary, incorporating traditional and non-proprietary solutions into our treatment methods.

The Core Of Our Technologies

The key substance at the heart of AdTech Environmental's treatment technologies was itself once a waste by-product, that companies paid to have carted away and dumped. We’ve transformed this substance into a valuable resource, capable of contributing to a vastly cleaner environment.

The AdTech technologies have an incredible potential to change lives, protect the environment and create extremely beneficial commercial opportunities.